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Welcome to the Flea Market Tallahassee

Where can you find books, clothing, collectibles, plants, fresh produce, household items and more all in one place with great prices? No not at the mall, at Flea Market Tallahassee.


Each weekend thousands of visitors drop by our market to visit the close to 400 vendors on site. From shoes to comic books, from art to hardware, from NASCAR merchandise to glassware, you will find just about everything at Tallahassee, Florida’s best flea market.


The market has something for everyone from the budget conscience consumers looking to save a few dollars, to collectors looking for those hard to find items. Young and old will enjoy a day at the market. You will even find a wide variety of food options for all tastes.


Among the items you’ll find are:

• Antiques & Collectibles
Our Market• Appliances
• Automotive Parts
• Baby & Children's Products
• Clothing
• Electronics
• Fruit
• Food
• Furniture
• House Wares
• Jewelry & Watches
• Nuts
• Vegetables


We are conveniently open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM, rain or shine. All our vendors are under a protected roof. So when someone asks you what you are doing this weekend, tell them you are going shopping at Flea Market Tallahassee.


We have opened up a new concessions stand (well, actually the stand has been open we have just added a theme and new items!).


Snow cone for summerItems:

• Shrimp Po Boy
• Philly Cheesesteaks
• Draft Beer
• Hamburger/Cheeesburger
• Hotdogs
• Corndogs
• Funnel Cakes


Also, we are now selling Snow Cones for the summer!!!


If you have any questions about our market, feel free to contact us. If you are vendor who wants to set up a display at the market, please check out our Pricing page for more information.

We accept Cash, Personal Checks, Bank Checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.



Flea Market Tallahassee

Flea Market Tallahassee
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